Our method

We, Amsterdam Nautic, inform you as boat owner complete and personal as possible when selling your boat and involve you step by step through the safe and secure procedure of selling your yacht. Pleasure in selling is our top. For you as a seller, we have developed a marketing plan that is tailored to your boat for a most favorable and fastest possible sale. With us you will never be surprised. Our costs and method are clear in advance. We only take well-maintained ships in mediation and advise potential buyers always to have an inspection of any ship which is taken by us exclusively in mediation. Step by step you will be updated about safely sell your motor or sailing yacht. Our roadmap provides questionnaire for he owner from which the complete maintenance history is shared with potential buyers. Clarity and openness is our creed in the sale of ships.



As a boat owner you go through a long process before you decide to give up your beloved boat at the yacht broker. We recognize this process like no other and know that you need any information from us to arrive at this decision. Beforehand with us everything is clear concerning our costs and services.

To sell your boat Self is an option, however, you will have questions about how to determine the asking price, where am i going to advertise, how will I negotiate, language barrier with the foreign buyer, am I not dealing with a scammer and how to recognize it, how I will prepare the contracts, is everything here, and am I covered against hidden defects, how do I do the financial transaction and what about the transfer of ownership. Are all my ship’s papers in order, what about the redemption of the ship mortgage etc. The yacht broker knows what to do to all these questions focusing on your personal situation.


Highest net result

Amsterdam Nautic is focused on achieving the best result for you and highest net income and not only for the brokerage fee.
The best net result you achieve when your boat is berth in the sales harbor. That will be faster and cheaper. Faster while In the sales harbor you have a central place where buyers come to look at the various ships, and has various choice and because of that often buy a ship into this perfect environment as a sales harbor. The Sales harbor as a berth is cheaper because you only pay per month i.s.o. paying a year berth at once from your own mooring. Sales harbor is thus directly cheaper and by centralizing the boats and buyers a head start in order to achieve sales.

Amsterdam Nautic provides both. We are equipped to (inter) national sales from the own familiar berth. So please ask all questions you have to get all the information you need concerning our method and our brokeragefees who is one of the best that are available in the market and still offer a comprehensive service package which leads to a quick sale.

An example of the highest net profit
Eg Cost of a 10 meter vessel from € 50 000, – for your yacht broker from its own berth in 2 months


Amsterdam Nautic Your yachtbroker
min Brokerage fee € 2.500 € 3.630
(Year) berth € 220 € 1.600
Photo reportage € 0 € 400
——————– ——————– ——————–
Total: € 2.720 incl. VAT € 5.630 incl. VAT



– You paid monthly according to sales rate Amsterdam Marina until the sale.



– At a sale price € 100,000, – you only pay 4% plus VAT on the sale price
– We charge a minimum of € 2.100.- plus VAT (€ 2500, – incl. VAT)
Amsterdam Nautic is thus more than 30% – 40% cheaper than your broker.

Amsterdam Nautic is over 50% cheaper in this case but also after one year Berth is Amsterdam Boat still 30% cheaper. And you can do fun things with it. Amsterdam Nautic is extremely flexible and can respond quickly in with changing situations and that is different from the large Yachtbrokers with large numbers of ships that you soon are a number yourself.

In short, you are at the right place to sell your ship. Cheaper, faster and more active sales as a result.



We offer a marketing strategy for your boat on more than 20 international websites. We have more than 20 years of yachtbroker experience, Harry Postmus, previous owner of Lemmer Nautic, a flexible and active attitude, make us the successful yacht brokerage, where the ship, you and the buyer and seller have a central position. In Amsterdam Nautic you will get one of the most attractive brokerage fees available in the market and also are extremely successful in fast an reliable selling of your boat.


Registered yachtbrokers

We employ EMCI certified agents and we are a member of the Dutch Association of Brokers in ships. We invite you to visit one of our offices to meet you and to answer all your questions concerning to buy or sell a yacht.
We would be happy to assist you.


Amsterdam Nautic, the international Yachtbroker with sales harbor for seagoing sailingyachts and motoryachts.